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Threaded Pipe Fittings a type of forged pipe fittings used in a piping system as pipe connector. This high pressure fittings are used for flow of of water, air and furthermore where pipe diameter is small. Devdeep steel alloys manufacture forged fittings and but weld fittings in accordance to international standards Asme B16.11 to cater the industrial needs. Varoius types of Threaded Pipe fittings comes in types BSP Fitting / NPT Fitting / BSPT Fitting in forms including threaded coupling, threaded elbow, threaded tee, threaded union  and furthermore.

BSP Fittings and NPT Fittings

threaded elbow

Threaded Elbow

threaded coupling

Threaded Coupling

threaded hex plug

Threaded Plug

hex bushing

Threaded Bushing

threaded nipple

Threaded Nipple

Pipe tee

Threaded Tee

threaded pipe fittings cross

Threaded Cross

threaded cap

Threaded Cap

threaded union

Threaded Union

Threaded Fittings have applications in various industries including Oil and Gas, petrochemical, OEM manufacturing, bulk liquid transportation, power generation, pulp and paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals. As well other applications where high pressure fittings, vibration or in addition extremely corrosive conditions exists. We also offer value added services to our customers as per need such as hot dip galvanizing and sand blasting. The forged steel fittings are manufactured in accordance to international standards Asme B16.11.The Threaded fittings and Socket Weld fittings are appreciated for high durability, dimensional accuracy and also smooth finish.

Buy comprehensive quality BSP Fittings and NPT Fittings

Size⅛” NB – 4” NB (DN6~DN100)
Pressure Class 2000LBS, 3000LBS, 6000LBS ( 1000 PSI – 15000 Psi )
Threaded Fittings DimensionsANSI B16.11, MSS-SP- 43 79 83 95 97 , ANSI B16.28, BS 3799
Form 45 degree Elbow , 90 degree Elbow , Equal / Unequal Threaded Tee , Threaded Union , Half Coupling and Full Threaded Coupling, Pipe Cross, Hex Plug / Square Plug / Round Plug / Bull Plug, Threaded Cap, Swage Nipple, Threaded Nipple and Hex Bushing
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistant to temperature
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Great finish
  • Durable
Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe FittingsStandard : ASTM / ASME A182 /SA 182, ASTM A312/A403

Grade : F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F304H, F309S, F309H, F310S, F310H, F316TI, F316H, F316LN, F317, F317L, F321, F321H, F347, F347H, F904

Carbon Steel Standard : ASTM A105, A350 LF2, A106 Gr.B, A234 WPB A420

Grade : F42/46/52/56/60/65/70

Duplex SteelStandard : ASTM / ASME A182 /SA 182

Grade : F 44, F 45, F51, F 53, F 55, F 60, F 61

Alloy Steel Standard : ASTM / ASME A182 /SA 182, ASTM A335

Grade : F1/F5/F9/F11/F22/F91

 Nickel Alloy Standard : ASTM / ASME A/SA 336

Grade : Inconel 600 / 601 / 625 / 800 / 825, Monel 400, Monel K500, Hastelloy C276, Titanium, Alloy 20, Nickel 200/201, Cupro Nickel 70/30, Cupro Nickel 90/10

Forged Threaded Pipe Fittings
An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company Manufacturer and Exporter of Forged Threaded Pipe Fittings in BSP Fittings / NPT Fittings India. In various Forms 45 degree Elbow , 90 degree Elbow, Equal / Reducing Tee , Union , Full and Half Coupling, Reducing Insert, Pipe Cross.
Brand: DSA
Manufacturer: Devdeep Steel Alloys
Model: ⅛” NB – 4” NB 2000LBS, 3000LBS, 6000LBS” NB
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